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    If there was a Halo 4...



    What do you think the setting will be IF there is a Halo 4

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    If there was a Halo 4...

    Post  LaybackChicken on Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:20 am

    I'm not into Halo worlds that much but these are all I know. And remember, I said IF. Meaning not confirm or never will be. Comprende?(Bad Spelling)

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    Post  GenesisLight on Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:49 am

    If they were a halo 4 i would have to go with covenant planets.
    Well since reach was the past and they going to name the game halo reach.
    Well if im correct the halo rings got destroyed or am i wrong because i am not sure i have no mood to think now.

    And i go with covenant planets because the brute threat is still there as in they are still alive.What if their leader declare war on us.Or do we bring the fight to them?


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    Re: If there was a Halo 4...

    Post  Xyuken on Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:55 pm

    Probably a prequel. Halo is destroyed, unless a new threat comes in, then it can be a Sequel. Maybe we'll be playing as the members of John's squad? Just like in Halo: Fall of Reach. The book, or maybe as marines? Bungie says they are ending Halo, unlikely.

    Halo is their trump card to attention and success, and likely Halo will have a chain of games. Don't forget, Bungie came up with all the Halo plots, and they can just chip in another. The Covenant is down, and not forgetting that there is a bigger Halo universe than you think.

    Would be nice if they had let you play as a marine or ODST, and select a Fixed unchangable weapon set. Like the weapon selection in Modern Warfare. ODST is coming out, but playing as a Marine would be very nice. Similar to CoD:WaW reviving and HP system, I think playing a a marine would be a smash.

    Also, I can think of the possibilities of playing as the Covenant, imagine being a Brute, but as the UNSC has Cheif, I think it be nice if Bungie made the Brute you wish to play as in Campaign, have a squad to follow along. But if this is so, it will be a prequel, and it'll be hard to chip in Multi-player. Co-op as such would be easy, but not multi-player. Unless it would be a Arena style.

    There are many possibilities, and neverless, Bungie should make stuff like this. Halo, will never end. Halo:Reach? We don't even know if it'll have Matchmaking or Customs, but there obviously will be Co-op in campaign. Probably playing as 117's squad. See the load of Spartans?


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    Re: If there was a Halo 4...

    Post  ProxLord772 on Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:10 pm

    well i have another theory.If you have read the book ghost of onyx , its tell about a shield world like halo wars which express it but a different shield world called Apex. if you read other post when halo 3 ending cinematic on youtube people said it was going to onyx but later change thier view to another persepctive because of the announcment of halo 3 odst and halo reach but if you contiune on what bungie was saying that, master chief will meet up with Dr. hasley and the other spartans.
    So halo fall of the reach is most likely a flashback when Masterchief is in a cryo tube , they are some how trying to delay the of up coming to relive the past as the prequel to halo 3 has to deal with past memories.
    But most likey , if there is a halo 4 there would most likey be a new generation of halo creatures and i bet mc will find a way to help escape the shield world thus saving other spartans and Dr Hasley.Some include grace , fred and the remains of spartan lll project.But more or less it may have mutated elites caused by the nuke bomb.There are no tell what radiation can do to a covenant, also there will be onyx sentinels.
    There may have Oni stuff (Official Naval Intelligence) ONI is like a secret army force like are 51 but they expermint in merging of covenent inventions mixed with humans arsenal like pusle lasers of the dusk frigate.
    Pretty much bungie has alot to think about from new species to new weapons so there be a long time until my theory should work.
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    Re: If there was a Halo 4...

    Post  Divinefury on Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:48 pm

    Definetly got to be covenant planets, in assembly the map description is that the covenant is still rampaging even without it's leaders so maybe MC is gonna destroy the covenant once and for all?

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    Re: If there was a Halo 4...

    Post  X31 on Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:28 pm

    Ok What the hell? Halo 4? WTF? Makes no sense... I just wanted bungie to make a Halo Zombies type not the one where you, the player as a zombie, I rather have the AIs as the zombies. If you are thinking weak zombies you are wrong, a game with different type of zombies would be awesome, i have a flash game made by a guy, his games are awesome, if you wanna try it add me and i will send it to you, i will also tell you how to get it to work. He also made a series of flash animation on youtube and on his own website.

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    Re: If there was a Halo 4...

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