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    Borderlands review

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    Borderlands review

    Post  daspamma on Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:50 pm

    I guess Prx should be the one writing this but what the hell.

    Borderlands ah,is made by gearbox and 2k.The main story line is that you are on a waste planet called Pandora,and you are here searching for the vault.The vault is rumored to have almost everything that you want,advance alien technology,wealth,power and women.And in the game a strange guardian angel comes and help you.Im not gonna say much about the storyline cause it's a RPG game.You get your regular RPGish leveling up thingy,skill points and all the other RPGish things(kinda like fallout 3 but a better shooter).The shooting part of the game is,umm, unique.The variety of guns is gayishly wide,but you can actually decide what to choose from most of the time(thankfully).Theres not much left for me to say about the shooting,its pretty normal,the recticule,the scopes the headshots and all that.The skills actually effect your gameplay,theres a huge variety of skills you can add to which causes me to wonder which one I should add too.You get 4 classes to choose from:The hunter Modercai,the siren Lilith,the soilder Roland and Brick as himself.The graphics are good too.But unlike fallout 3 you can play up to a 4 player multiplayer.I have nothing left to say cause I'm too lazy to write about anything else.Overall I think it's quite a good game,I'll recommend it but this is something that will pass by.So don't expect much of the game.I think I'll dissapear now.

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