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    Lost Planet 2


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    Lost Planet 2

    Post  X31 on Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:36 pm

    Lost Planet 2

    A game that I have been waiting for. Its a good game, especially its co-op campaign, and its characters. You get to play as different heroes of their own story or get to play as your custom made character. You play the campaign to earn credits for this thing called the 'LP2 Slot Machine'.

    Basically, its a system where you use 2000 of your credits to 'buy' weapons, armor parts (Character head, torso, legs, backpack), Abilities (or Perks), Emotes (Animations), Nom de Gurres (Titles). The game is made by capcom, one of the greatest Japanese game developers.

    Although I hate Japenis players, I still like the game creators. Lets say, in Lost Planet 2 you get to play as Frank West( Dead Rising), Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago(GoW2), Albert Wesker from Resident Evil. But when you play as them and in the cutscene when you know that your character is talking, it is shown that their mouth isnt moving, Most of the Characters are either wearing a scarf or a gasmask to cover their mouth so Capcom would not waste time on mouth animation, thus making your character whose face isnt covered having no mouth animations.

    The Multiplayer is on average as sometimes you have the disadvantage or advantage when it comes to doing what you need to do on multiplayer. You get to customise your character, weapon layout, abilities and your Nom de Gurre. Which is why this game is recommended to those that love to customise things.
    Another good feature would be the grappling hook, which can make you go to high scale buildings, or rappel down from a high cliff saving you from death.

    This game has this fail too, when you go underwater, you seem to not float but you get pulled down to the bottom and ends up dying. Even so, you would not run out of O2 and drown when your character has no diving equipment. Same goes to the Space atmosphere, you will be pulled downwards as there is some what gravity.

    You get to use VSs(Vital Suits) or in what I call gundam. Yep they are robot, which you can pilot to fight off shit making it easier. You fight against 2 types of enemies: NEVEC (NEos VEnus Construction, or something like that) and Akrid, BOWs(Bionic Organic Weapons) that live in the planet. Thank you for reading, hope you get the game so that we can play together.

    -X31, signing off.

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