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    BattleField Bad Company 2*Haters do not enter.*


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    BattleField Bad Company 2*Haters do not enter.*

    Post  GenesisLight on Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:07 pm

    BattleField Bad Company 2
    GenesisLight's review on the game
    First off let me say haters and people who have no lives and no interest please leave as I wont be bother to listen to any of the pathetic comments.

    Part 1: Overall Summary of the game.
    BattleField Bad Company 2 I would give a score of 79/100.
    From the intense storyline of the campaign to the destructive gameplay of the multiplayer I have mixed views for this game. What you can expect is a short campaign roughly 4-5 hours of gameplay. A very cooperative multiplayer experience not like modern warfare 2 or halo 3. But yes I do admit the game will get boring if you are playing alone as there is alot of cooperation in multiplayer is needed or you will lose very badly.

    Part 2:Campaign
    I am very impress with the Weapon Supply Drop feature they did where you can find weapons after killing enemies and saving them in your weapon supply drop where in the heat of a heavy battle you may need a light machine gun just go to a weapon supply drop and swap one for your primary or secondary weapons. The storyline is rather good but short which was really a disapointment.

    Part 3:Multiplayer Rampage!
    The multiplayer was quite impressive from the vehicular rampaging maps to the infantry maps. I find the way they used gravity in the game really rocks as a sniper while looking in the scope depending on your distance between you and your target, the futurer away your target is the higher you have to aim the target above the crosshair for a headshot. I hate the fact that only a well-seasoned player could hit a helicopter with an rpg and the helicopter will just wreck havok on the battlefield.
    The squad system allows you to spawn beside your to players in your squad. But you only get to have 4 people in a squad so it is rather small.
    The multiplayer has 4 modes Rush, Conquest, Squad Rush, Squad deathmatch if you ask me these is only a handful of modes that is why you might get reviews from people saying it gets boring after awhile. There are attachments in this game like in modern warfare 2 but they work in a different way you need to get points and not kills to unlock weapons or any attachments and gadgets. I really like the fact that you can create a defensive position by yourself as this game is full of tactical destruction that means if you climb to the roof and see a wall you can take out your grenade and BOOM! Theres a hole in the wall. Unless you are playing Squad Deathmatch then not alot of strategy and cooperation is needed but in rush and conquest you have to work in a team and comunicate. Have different classes of people in your squad like a medic , a engineer and 2 assault classes to optimise full 110% capability of you entire squad.

    Part 4:Etc and Extras!
    For a period of time the Limited Edition of the game is avalible but it doesnt like cost very expensive like $70 to 80 but I got my copy at only $65 dollars!
    The limited edition comes with free map packs forever woohoo! And comes with a submachine gun for the engineer class.



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    Re: BattleField Bad Company 2*Haters do not enter.*

    Post  X31 on Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:52 pm

    Good review, makes me wanna buy the game. But Im savin up for Splinter Cell Conviction, Lost Planet 2, Halo Reach and lastly Starcraft 2. Good review though, long and sweet.

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