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    Baka To Test Shoukanjuu

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    Baka To Test Shoukanjuu

    Post  DecemberFate on Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:39 pm

    "Baka to test" recently came out so it's not complete yet.
    The story centers around a boy named Akihisa Yoshii, also known as the idiot or "Baka" of the titled anime. On the day of the placement test, a intelligent girl named Mizuki Himeji suffers from a fever and is unable to complete her test, hence her reigning in a score of zero. As a result, she is pigeonholed into Class F together with Akihisa Yoshii. Akihisa, who worries for her health, pitches an idea to his class to rule over the higher-level classes by doing a Summoned Being War for both Mizuki's sake and to get more and more privileges. Aside from Mizuki , there is also the class representative Yūji Sakamoto, the bishōnen Kinoshita Hideyoshi, the perverted Tsuchiya Kouta, and the tomboyish Shimada Minami.

    The anime's opening is like this: