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    Grand Theft Auto 4


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    Grand Theft Auto 4

    Post  X31 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:05 pm

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    Grand Theft Auto 4 is also known as GTA IV, its a very fun RPG game. Its intense graphics and ability to anything you wish to do is all at your hands. Like stealing a car, bike, boat, helicopter and etc. I loved to play the other GTA series when i was at the age of 5. i played almost all of the GTA series except for GTA 1,2 and 1998 London. As far as i know, they are GTAs in top view, unlike the recent GTAs which takes place in third person. The game is very interactive, as the player can pick up objects and throw them at people or somewhere else( The bin :]) Its also very interesting when it comes to stealing cars that are locked because in the past GTAs every locked cars will be left alone at its very spot but in GTA IV the player will get to break the window and try to open the door to steal the car. Cheats are added in the game for extra fun but not always fun as it sometimes makes the game easier and not challenging. Take Saints Row 2 for example, that game has 8-40 cheats. While GTA IV only needs around 8 cheats. In the PC version you can mod, which i refer to the cars, bikes,boats, helicopters. And by modding it means to change the game system, like changing a car named Banshee into a real looking Dodge Viper. The Banshee looks alot like the real Dodge Viper.There are a wide variety of weapons, bonuses like getting free taxi rides, weapons at a cheaper price, Heli rides. You also get to have GFs(Girlfriends). Just like the weapons, it has a wide variety of women. Driving in GTA IV might be a little hard. But the game itself is worth it. And is the first legitimate Grand Theft Auto game. The other GTAs starting from 1 till San Andreas are actually banned in Singapore but sold in pirated shops. Drinking alcohol, surfing the net, strip clubs is also included in GTA 4.DLCs are quite good like the TBoGT(Ballad of Gay Tony) and TLAD(Lost and Damned) both are also worth it but TLAD has some screening problems which irritates the eye. Bu at the same time it gives out the feeling of having this punk-rock bikers style TV.TBoGT is good for its songs, guns and its cast. I might update this post as im not quite sure on what to write for now. Good Luck, X31 signing off.

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