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    Modern Warfare 2

    Post  X31 on Mon Dec 07, 2009 7:04 pm

    Hello people, I am X31 here the admin who plays MW2
    (Modern Warfare 2)

    .Its an addictive game, but at the same time it pisses you off. The objects in the game are very interactive like the the watermelon in some of the maps. Once you hit the melee button and you see the animation of you slashing the watermelon it breaks apart. The multiplayer is absolutely awesome, but the same time its terrible. 1 of the terrible things is that people love to use attachments which gives you the advantage of getting a kill on the scoreboard like the Heartbeat Sensor, Thermal Scopes. Some of them even went to "banzai". This so called "banzai" class is very annoying as the players run to you and stab you right in your face. The advantage is that you get to work for guns and get to rank up until a 70 unlike WaW which ends at 65, More weapons but lesser perks. The Perks they give are just nice as too many perks will result in a dilema of not knowing what perks to choose. The Model 1887 with Akimbo is definitely GAY AND STUPID, what im saying is the range of this noob shotgun is very long and devestating. I won't talk about the common Javelin glitch, as it really is a dumb one. Oh, i almost forgot, camping in the game is very common, especially with the gay attachments. What they will do is camp, camp, camp, CAMP. And get alot of kills. The campaign is fun especially the mission "The only easy day...Was Yesterday". I recommend this game because of the campaigns but not the multiplayer, The Spec Ops they gave was challenging on Veteran. I managed to get 63/69 Stars for Spec Ops because of a helpful but stubborn guy. Aha, Boosting for weapons, levels, Killstreak Rewards, are very funny but kinda makes people hate you for not playing properly, my friend invited me to a game so that we could boost for Nukes, and guess what, we boosted until he got 7 nukes, i got 6 nukes. Thats because there was 1 guy who cant take the death he is getting and left the game when my friend boosted with him. Its an awesome game but sometimes it has its flaws. Owning noobs in the game is very thrilling as you can get lots of kills from them, this people are know as the feeders, the kill very little and die alot. And some players take the game to seriously, I used the M16A4 with Heartbeat Sensor, and traveled around so that i can kill campers. But i was accused of camping, i had no choice but to piss this player who is in this nerd clan who thinks they are SOOOO good. Alright thats the end of my review, Have fun out there! I hope you enjoy Modern GayF*ckStupid 2, i mean Moder Warfare 2. Catch ya later.

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